Cheryl Miller: Our political screaming match is destructive |

Cheryl Miller: Our political screaming match is destructive

In response to Pat Ferguson’s Nov. 18 letter, I would like to argue the opposing view of the impeachment circus we are funding and wasting valuable resources on.

The first sentence, “No one sets out with impeachment as a political goal” is disingenuous. Yes, the left set out within minutes of our president’s inauguration to get him out of office, and to cripple his mission.

All of the “facts” that are stated in the article are nothing but accusations, the goal is to throw so much mud at the man that enough will stick to keep him from being re-elected. Talk about egregious politics. Our country is being divided deliberately by the ugliness of these tactics.

Please consider allowing the voters to choose the next president. We are disgusted by the hate and disrespect shown to the president we voted for. We still support him, and his agenda. The GOP is supporting the rightly, legally elected president and will hopefully not bow to the hysterics of the swamp.

Let’s work together to fix the things that need attention in our country: health care, immigration, drug addiction, infrastructure, etc. This costly screaming match is destructive and unappealing to our people.

Cheryl Miller

Grass Valley

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