Cheryl Miller: Enough with angry rhetoric |

Cheryl Miller: Enough with angry rhetoric

The recent shooting in Gilroy resulted in the death of three innocent young lives. This is so hard to understand, but one thing really stood out to me, someone in the crowd called out to the shooter, “Why are you doing this?” and he replied, “Because I am really angry!”

I can’t help but see the anger being inflamed in our country by the constant stream of hateful conversation against our president. Ken Hale’s recent opinion in The Union was my motivation to write this. “Trump represents the Seven Deadly Sins” is meant to arouse anger and hate toward our rightly elected president. This mindset and speech is rampant in our country right now, and seems to intentionally fan flames of anger and imagined injustice that have no foundation.

These are only feelings, motivated by a political difference of opinion. No, our president is not a perfect human, but none of us are.

Please stop the angry rhetoric! The “Resist” movement is a negative impact campaign hurting our country and inciting division. I would love to see Americans from every political viewpoint working to drop the ugly tones of conversation and trying to unite our country.

Ultimately, we are all on the same side.

Cheryl Miller

Grass Valley

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