Cheryl Miller: Biased, elitest media |

Cheryl Miller: Biased, elitest media

While reading the “Hits & Misses” column in the Feb. 1 edition of The Union I had to laugh at the hypocrisy of the writers.

Their “Miss” was, “To all legislators, at every level, who act as if devotion to their political party is more important than representing the people who put them in office. Voter backlash to this attitude brought us the ‘accidental president’ who occupies the White House.”

Really, the “accidental president?” How insulting to the almost 63 million Americans who deliberately voted for President Trump! Your bias is showing. Yes, the voters were also making the point made in the statement that we are tired of the political gridlock, but we are also weary of the insulting bias of the elitist media. Please don’t disparage our president, or his supporters.

Unlike many in the audience at the State of the Union address, maybe we can focus on what is good in our country right now and celebrate it together.

Cheryl Miller

Grass Valley

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