Charmaine Rhine: School adds to Nevada City parking problem |

Charmaine Rhine: School adds to Nevada City parking problem

Thank you for covering the story regarding the future of the former Nevada City Elementary School.

I am a concerned resident who happens to live immediately across the street from NCE. I speak for many in my neighborhood who struggle with parking and traffic issues related to the current tenant, Yuba River Charter School. There is already a limited amount of parking in our neighborhood and many do not have off-street parking available. We also get traffic from downtown, the courthouse, Airbnb tenets, tourists, gardeners, attorneys and friends/family of other residents.

I implore the Nevada City School District to consider the impacts of having a school right in the middle of a neighborhood before making a decision about the next occupant of the NCE building.

Please take this opportunity to resolve the ongoing traffic and parking dilemma before you invite another tenant to compound on this already frustrating situation in our neighborhood.

Charmaine Rhine

Nevada City

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