Charley Hooper: Know both sides |

Charley Hooper: Know both sides

In his April 13 letter to the editor, John Palmer (Political philosophy; conservatives vs. liberals) needs to check his facts.

Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party was nationalistic and socialist (its full name was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party). Joseph Stalin was head of a communist country (party name: Communist Party of the Soviet Union). North Korea is a communist country (party name: Workers’ Party of Korea). The Maduro government in Venezuela is socialist (party name: United Socialist Party of Venezuela).

More fundamentally, not a single example that he provided is one that American conservatives would hold up as a positive example. This causes me to question: Has he ever listened to the other side?

“He who knows only his own side of the case knows little of that.” — John Stuart Mill

Charley Hooper

Grass Valley

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