Catherine Stifter: Vote for Daniela Fernández |

Catherine Stifter: Vote for Daniela Fernández

How exciting to have a real race for Nevada City Council. I support Daniela Fernández. She impressed me as a thoughtful and honest public speaker during the League of Women Voters’ Candidates’ Forum. I also watched her in conversation with longtime residents and community leaders at campaign gatherings. One of the things I most respect about Daniela is that she’s truly interested in hearing from residents and learning their views on how to solve our common problems. Her focus on advocating for those whose voices are seldom heard is not only refreshing, it’s about time. Daniela brings a much-needed social justice perspective to the economic and environmental issues facing our community. Her campaign may be the only one creatively engaging working-age voters to get involved and share their views and needs about the future of Nevada City. I am heartened to see such a passionate, intelligent, community-minded young woman running for office. As a member of an older generation and as one who fought for civil rights, women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights for decades, I’ve been waiting for a candidate like Daniela Fernández. She will represent all the people of Nevada City.

Catherine Stifter

Nevada City

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