Caryl Fairfull: Caring for each other in difficult times |

Caryl Fairfull: Caring for each other in difficult times

With the onset of COVID-19 in California and all the health advisories, business closures and job layoffs, it is time to pay attention to our fellow man and community as a whole.

The business slowdown is going to cause significant suffering in our community, and those folks who have difficulty making ends meet will now have even bigger challenges. Those hardest hit are people with restaurant, hotel, travel and personal service jobs. Restaurants have cut back to carry-out, laying off most cooks, servers, bartenders and waiters.

Those in personal services, such as barbers, hairdressers, nail salons, spas, etc., will have virtually no customers if people adhere to the six foot distancing rules. House cleaners may be requested not to come or have to stay home to care for youngsters who are not in school. Other part-time workers who have several jobs to make ends meet, are often first to be laid off.

Many of us in this community are older and have the comfort of a stable retirement income, even if the stock market is tanking. My suggestion is this: If you get a government check in April and May and you don’t really need it to survive, give it to a family member, neighbor or friend who needs it desperately to pay for critical personal and household expenses. This will help individuals and our local economy.

If you don’t know anyone who really needs it more than you, donate it to the local food banks or charities who are serving those in need among us.

Caryl Fairfull

Penn Valley

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