Carolyn Sherwood: Newell the best choice |

Carolyn Sherwood: Newell the best choice

I write to commend our district attorney, Cliff Newell, for a job well done over the last 12 years and to urge his many friends to get out and vote for him in the primary.

Cliff has built a highly professional team of prosecutors, who along with their colleagues in law enforcement, have succeeded in making Nevada County one of the safest places to live in California — no easy task!

He is opposed by Glenn Jennings, a former deputy DA, who resigned years back in a dispute over a drug warrant issued by a young and inexperienced deputy. Since losing his job he has continually maligned the DA and the young man who issued the warrant. It is fair to say that civic duty is not what has called Jennings to run against our incumbent: it is rather a colossal grudge.

Politics is not a pretty business at any level: national, state, or local. But it would really be unfortunate for our community to lose a highly competent, honest and effective public servant like Cliff Newell to a candidate like Glenn Jennings.

Carolyn Sherwood

Nevada City

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