Carole Bryant: My vote is disrespected by special interest money |

Carole Bryant: My vote is disrespected by special interest money

Special interests have entered the local Assembly race and proved, by the huge amounts of PAC funds dumped, into the Megan Dahle campaign, that my vote is nothing.

When did we, for Assembly elections, become so overblown that candidates could be bought and paid for by outside interest?

Between July 25 and Aug. 17, this candidate was able to raise $169,978 from these special interest groups but from individuals, only our Supervisor Ed Scofield for $100. Contributions came from California Real Estate — $9,300; Blue Shield of California, $4,700; Sempra Energy, $4,700; and more than $110,000 from California Peace Officers Association and California Board of Realtors.

Campaign funding:

Democrat Elizabeth Betancourt: $42,194 + $6591 = $48,785.

Republican Patrick Henry Jones: $64,552 = $64,552.00

Republican Megan Dahle: $25,400 + $169,978 = $195,378.

Republican Lane Garrett Rickard: $10,005 = $10,005.

Republian Joseph Allen Turner: no filing.

I’m no political analyst but this sure seems pretty clear to me. Special interest is trying to buy this election.

As a local person who believes elections should be determined by the folks represented, not by special interest money, I will vote for Patrick Henry Jones. He’s has worked hard to present his platform, his record and determination to represent me in Sacramento.

Carole Bryant

Nevada City

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