Carol Young: We elected the right person in Tice-Raskin |

Carol Young: We elected the right person in Tice-Raskin

When we elect public officials, the results either disappoint or edify as decisions are made and votes are cast. With judicial elections, the outcome is not as evident.

Recently, a former employee landed in jail and I attended some of his hearings. After being elected but prior to taking the bench, I noticed Robert Tice-Raskin sitting in the audience taking notes — studying.

Months and several judges later, at the sentencing hearing I had the opportunity to watch Tice-Raskin in charge as the judge. I'm here to report, we elected the right person.

A real courtroom doesn't operate like those portrayed on television. It is chaotic with attorneys coming and going, prisoners from the jail being delivered and removed, defendants waiting in the audience to be called, bailiffs moving around delivering papers to the shifting public defenders.

It's quite a cattle call. But Tice-Raskin gave every last encounter a smile, respect, and courtesy. He called two attorneys up short for trying to pull something over on him — very politely, but very firmly. They were shocked.

He managed the room like a seasoned CEO or maybe even a symphony conductor with an orchestra. Pray for his strength to hold the burnout at bay.

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