Carol Menaker: To the good people of Nevada County |

Carol Menaker: To the good people of Nevada County

If you believe that forcibly separating children from their parents is justifiable, read no further.

If you, regardless of party affiliation, believe that the orders of this nation’s president and the manner in which they were carried out will be among this nation’s most appalling legacies, you have a choice.

Nevada County is represented in Congress by a legislator who it would appear has chosen to turn a blind eye to this travesty. As of this writing, Mr. LaMalfa has remained silent on this issue on his website and Facebook page.

To his credit, Mr. LaMalfa has served ranchers and farmers in our district well for many years. But those efforts cannot mutually exclude human decency.

Shame on Mr. Trump.

Shame on Mr. LaMalfa.

Shame on Congress for relinquishing its responsibility to provide checks and balances against some of the most heartless behavior against families and children this nation will ever see.

Good people of Nevada County, set aside your party affiliation and unify against injustice. Send Mr. LaMalfa a message in November. Tell him that you will not tolerate the indecency of this president. Tell him that you will not tolerate his failure to address it.

Carol Menaker

Nevada City

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