Carol Ann Rouse: It’s (not) the beetles |

Carol Ann Rouse: It’s (not) the beetles

I had some trees that looked diseased on my property. My neighbor told me he thought it was the beetles causing the problem.

But, as I watched the trees I found that the beetles were eating the ants. The beetles are beneficial bugs. The ants were drilling holes in the tree to make the sap flow, which the ants would take little balls of sap to their nest to feed the colony. So … I used boric acid powder to kill the ants.

I mixed two cups of sugar with two heaping tablespoon of boric acid powder in a bowl and then spooned the mixture outside around the tree trunks of all of my pine trees and a little on any ant hills too. In a week, all of the ants were gone. The ants take this mixture to the Queen ant and once she dies the whole colony will die.

I found that after a year or two I could see the pine trees were greener and healthier than before. In fact I think I have some of the healthiest trees in the neighborhood. You can buy boric acid ant powder at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, only a dollar.

Good luck, good neighbor.

Carol Ann Rouse

Grass Valley

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