Carl McAbee: Put the powerlines underground |

Carl McAbee: Put the powerlines underground

There is lots of talk about improving the evacuation situation in the event of a fire here — all good and fine — but I think that energy is misplaced.

I think it’s better to encourage PG&E to put the lines underground. Expensive, yes, but it would cost less both in money and in human toll than their liability would end up being.

How do you replace a life?

Many of the major fires in the last several years have been due to overhead power lines. The PUC is equally responsible in my opinion. They regulate PG&E, after all.

And no way all the people on The Ridge could evacuate at once any more than the people in Paradise could, even with road improvements. True for many other Nevada County neighborhoods as well. I’m glad there are no PG&E lines within three miles of me, but even that is too close for comfort. And trees aren’t the only issue.

The Paradise Camp Fire started in dry grass on U.S. Forest Service land from what I have read. No way PG&E can remove all the dry grass and trees near their power lines.

Put them underground. All of them.

Carl McAbee

North San Juan

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