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Buck Stoval: The magic wand

It’s in the news so it must be true. LGBTQ citizens are getting their civil rights before women do. That’s some wizardry that I just don’t understand.

The ERA, The Equal Rights Amendment, was introduced to Congress in 1923, (yes folks that’s 96 years ago), and it still hasn’t passed. Though civil rights are human rights first, I am led to believe that men do not possess humanity enough to release the stranglehold they have over women’s rights.

Gay men will finally be treated equally under the law to other men, but still not a woman, let alone women of color who may never be decolonized in this country regardless of any constitutional amendment.

As children, we objectify everything early in life, to simplify our understanding of what is not “us,” then build a wall of distrust to keep that understanding in place. Then we stand on that wall to get elected to office. I just don’t understand what men think they have that needs protection from women. It certainly is not a magic wand.

Buck Stoval

Grass Valley

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