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Buck Stoval: The deceitful defense of Confederate symbols

Most Americans have been snookered into believing the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern heritage. It isn’t. It’s a “graphic symbol” of terror and forced separation. Just like the swastika.

Confederate flag-waving-Americans will argue that ownership of another human being is a God-given-right, quoted from the Holy Bible. This often stated argument is deceitful, immoral, and just plain nonsense.

To instill fear in gays, blacks, and Jews, white supremacists will wave it aggressively while committing or threatening acts of violence, and in keeping with Confederate goals of wholesale human bondage, white male legislators are again criminalizing a woman’s self determination.

The Confederate flag remains a rallying point for many Republicans, who with tongue-in-cheek, still jokingly refer to lynchings as southern hospitality. This is our national disgrace. It has never been funny. Murder and social domination are not joking matters.

Public safety is everyone’s responsibility. Not just the cops. For your own well being, that of your community and nation, you must on every occasion openly denounce their hate-filled rhetoric, whether they are in or out of governmental service, as they defend their symbols of violence, of human bondage, and of their heritage of terror.

Buck Stoval

Grass Valley

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