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Buck Stoval: Take the jab and vote no on the recall

Here are some nice-to-know facts not often mentioned that may change your mind about viruses and vaccines. Every day you are showered by millions of viruses swept up into our atmosphere from sea mist and dust.

Eventually they fall back to earth to deposit approximately 800 million viruses daily on every square meter of our planet’s surface, most of which will have no affect on your health. Those sea viruses enable plankton to produce half of our earth’s oxygen.

There are more viruses on Earth than stars in the universe. Though measured in nanometers, it’s estimated that if all the viruses in the ocean were lined up end to end, that line would extend out 10 million light years from Earth. If my math is right, traveling at 25,000 miles an hour that would take you about 16 trillion years.

A perfectly healthy human being like yourself has approximately 3 trillion viruses on and in your body right now. Viruses far outnumber your human cells and as part of your nutrient food web, they are necessary for your metabolism to function. They are essential to all life on Earth. You would not survive 36 hours without viruses to support your life.

Vaccines identify to your antibodies the protein coat, which encapsulates a virus’ single or double strand of RNA or DNA nucleic acid. They then begin a life-long hunt to surround, capture and remove these most dangerous viruses and bacteria from our bodies.

Viruses are host-specific and not living organisms with a metabolism of their own. They are parasitic in that they cannot reproduce but rather instruct our cells to replicate them from within. Because they are not alive, they cannot be killed by a parasitic medicine like Ivermectin.

Being a virus, COVID-19 cannot die, but we can and will eventually go extinct. Rejecting science and medicine as if an evil Democratic plot to save humanity will speed that up.

This month, it’s important to vote in the California recall election since the future of women’s health care, their self determination and science itself are threatened with extinction by men from the Republican Party. Take the jab and vote no.

Buck Stoval

Grass Valley

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