Bruce & Scottie Hart: Applause for op-ed on access policy |

Bruce & Scottie Hart: Applause for op-ed on access policy

Gerald G. Doane’s Feb. 25 “Other Voices” column on access policy was a real breath of fresh air.

While he is right that “Political process is often difficult to change with reason,” we vigorously applaud his sensible approach. His steps for making rational border policy are well thought out, not just for his hypothetical large industrial complex, but also for a small parcel in Chicago Park or a nation. None of what he outlines is easy, especially in large scale, but the method offers a logical progression.

It will be difficult to pause and find reasonable unity on even the earliest steps of his proposal, but we were both relieved to hear an experienced, sensible voice in the maelstrom of emotional rhetoric our nation is currently experiencing.

We wish Mr. Doane’s ideas had wider impact.

Bruce and Scottie Hart

Grass Valley

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