Bruce Rayner: Yes, something can be done about shootings |

Bruce Rayner: Yes, something can be done about shootings

Something can be done to reduce these merciless copycat killings. The answer should be obvious but no one will suggest it: Make it illegal for the media to report anything about these shootings.

Use filters to erase discussions of these incidents from all social media. The disturbed copycats do it for the recognition. We are told to stop gun sales, yet there are already enough AK-47s on the street to start a war.

How horrible to actually think we would have to give up a basic premise of our founders, freedom of speech. Well, deal with it. We’ve already given up many of our freedoms without thinking about it. Freedom to gather without fear of gunshots. Freedom for our kids to play outside. Freedom from using common sense when political correctness prevails.

Like the masses of people running in Times Square from primal fear, we see our nation losing its grip. We want the simple life back. Technology allows us to instantly see world news, but it isn’t improving our quality of life.

Consider, during World War II, ordinary people in war torn countries gave up many freedoms in order to achieve peace.

Are we there now? Think about it. It’s your choice.

Bruce Rayner

Nevada City

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