Bruce Rayner: PG&E: Listen up, folks! |

Bruce Rayner: PG&E: Listen up, folks!

We’re told again, your power may go out … and it won’t be the last.

Seems we need a lot of reminding that this is all for our safety.

Make no mistake, this is for PG&E’s safety, not yours. Burned by several wildfire decisions that found them at fault, they figure, “No power, no fault.” As you rush to “have a plan,” as PG&E says, keep in mind this reality:

1. PG&E lines are only one cause of wildfires. Such fires are only third or fourth in listed causes.

2. PG&E does not need to shut off power for a “safety blackout.” When a tree or branch falls onto a line and sparks, a “blip” is sent back up the line to a control center meter. Trouble is, nobody is watching that meter in bad weather.

3. Because they have computers for that. However, PG&E has admitted their computer control is in a state of disarray. Considering the importance, they should have a human watching that meter, then dispatching a truck to the location, night or day!

4. It seems PG&E would rather make your life difficult, turn off power for 200,000, rather than assign one attentive person in a control center.

Bruce Rayner

Nevada City

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