Bruce Hart: Protect, respect our differences |

Bruce Hart: Protect, respect our differences

I, for one, am proud that the State of California is a sanctuary state. What I am not proud of is the actions taken by some white citizens right here in our own county.

People of color have been harassed in our streets. Sikhs have been abused by our ignorance of their religion. Intolerance of sexual orientation. Coloring anyone who uses marijuana as being a “pot-head.”

As for assimilation into our culture we block them from it with our lack of understanding of what it takes for anyone coming from the Middle East to assimilate. My great-grandparents came here, however they came from western Europe and assimilation for them was quite different. Even then they tended to stay around those who were from their home country and spoke their language, were spiritually connected, ate familiar foods.

I want us to protect those from different cultures, religions and languages lest we relegate them to places like Treblinka or Buchenwald here in the United States.

Bruce B. Hart

Grass Valley

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