Brian Fry: Which comes first: climate change or peace issue? |

Brian Fry: Which comes first: climate change or peace issue?

How many of us have said, or heard others say, “Climate change (or, alternatively, peace) is the most important issue and that is where we should all focus?”

Truth is, activism for either also addresses the other. There’s probably no single contribution to global warming, fossil fuel use, and pollution than the world’s wars and conflicts, counting all the industry devoted to producing arms and other preparations for war. In that same category are all the efforts to achieve economic dominance over everyone else, behind most wars.

Droughts, floods, sea level rise, and other symptoms of climate change are causing great hardship, mass migration and desperation. That causes conflict and war as the “haves” of the world seek to preserve our privilege, reacting in fear to all the “others.”

So, can we work on these issues where we feel most strongly committed and most capable, while recognizing our kinship and solidarity with those working on a parallel issue?

Underlying both of these is a need for compassion and justice for all, now and for future generations.

Brian Fry

Grass Valley

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