Bonnie McManus: Enough already, control your dogs |

Bonnie McManus: Enough already, control your dogs

In reference to the “deadly dog fight” the recently appeared in The Union, my heart goes out to Jeannie Wood who lost her beloved pet and is now stuck with a $10,000 vet bill.

My anger goes out to Brittany Sanchez, the owner of the dog who killed Scooter and who claims that her dog “was provoked into fighting by the smaller dog!” Any small dog will be frightened by two large dogs running toward him and of course will have “fear energy.” And Ms. Wood was legally walking her own dog (and I assume) on a leash on a public street. If Ms. Sanchez was really a good trainer then her dogs would not have attacked at all. And it’s obvious her dogs were off her property. I say Ms. Sanchez should pay all vet and doctor bills, and be fined accordingly.

I am a pet sitter and dog walker and often have to walk in fear that someone’s aggressive dogs will be unrestrained and run off their property and attack us. It’s happened to me before, and I’ve read several instances of this in the police blotter. Enough already!

Bonnie McManus

Grass Valley

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