Bob O’Brien: Boardman should look beyond the mainstream |

Bob O’Brien: Boardman should look beyond the mainstream

George Boardman’s comments on the Blue Marble Jubilee conspiracy are way off the mark.

First off, he only seems to like “his” conspiracies. If he read much outside the mainstream media, he would know that it was the CIA itself that invented the term “conspiracy theory” in the mid 1960s to disparage Americans who did not buy the “official government story” that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy by himself.

I would argue that this was an official CIA conspiracy to get Americans to think that anyone who didn’t agree with the official government story was a bad conspiracy believer, ranking right up with the tin hat wearers! I would say that CIA conspiracy has worked pretty well over the past five decades.

George seems to think that anyone who disagrees with the “official government opinion (and thus himself), is a “conspiracy nut.”

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There is not enough space to go after his favorite conspiracy nuts, like the anti-vaxxers. He certainly does like to pick on Reinette Senum, Nevada City Council woman. And, according to George, it’s the Russians who are pushing the dangers of 5G wireless technologies into the western mind. The Russians? And I thought it was numerous western scientists who were the ones who were concerned about the safety problems that this untested 5G technology might cause. I had no idea it was those nasty Russkies.

Maybe George is just transferring his Putin-Trump collusion fears (proven to be wrong!). Yes, there are some in our community who just can’t let go of this myth, including, maybe, George?

George claims that 5G health fears lack physical support, but he is flat out wrong. There are plenty of supporting data in scientific journals, showing the health dangers of 5G — just not published in the mainstream media. Now why is that do you think? Maybe the mainstream media is not giving us a balanced picture of the whole truth?

As a hopeful person, I think George might find a totally different world outside the confines of the mainstream media, if he would just look. I just hope someday he will expand his vision. Only time will tell if he is not afraid of stepping outside those boundaries.

Bob O’Brien

Rough and Ready

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