Bob Martin: Lake Wildwood needs no help in stirring up controversy |

Bob Martin: Lake Wildwood needs no help in stirring up controversy

You all must use a manual of journalism which instructs writers to always look for a way to create controversy. In almost any newspaper article reporting seemingly good news can be found the hackneyed phrase “but some say” to inject doubt and stir controversy.

Why? Balanced reporting? To give both sides of a subject? Hah!

In this case, before stating the real facts and background we find “The memorandum doesn’t use the word “kill” but that possibility is real and it’s stirred among some …” There’s that wonderful word “some.” You all posed a problem and then found an opinion from a one-month resident. I do not question her sincerity but, only one month in Lake Wildwood? Did she even know we had a goose population? Has she seen one since she arrived?

If you wanted balanced coverage, where was a comment from anyone who was here and remembers the days when, because of the goose poop on the lawn, young children couldn’t play in Commodore Park and everyone had to check their shoes before going into their home? It was terrible!

We in Lake Wildwood seem to be able to create more than enough controversy internally and unfortunately do not need help from the outside; thank you very much.

Bob Martin

Penn Valley

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