Bob Larive: Liberals’ rabid snarling at LaMalfa meeting |

Bob Larive: Liberals’ rabid snarling at LaMalfa meeting

I went to Grass Valley City Hall to hear Congressman LaMalfa on Aug. 7. Amazing experience, but I guess it is typical when you consider who was there: quiet interested conservative supporters and obnoxious liberals who were not there to listen but to protest. What a shame.

We had a chance to have a productive conversation and hear his perspective on what is happening in Washington and give him some input but … There was a lot of whining, booing, noise and just plain rude people.

I guess when you don’t want to hear from the congressman, just be obnoxious. I don’t think, because of their negative actions, the left got their point across. The impression you get from them is they are very bitter unhappy people. We, the conservatives, had to put up with President Obama and his representative for eight years but never acted like the liberals do.

Maybe they need lessons on polite interaction not rabid snarling.

Bob Larive

Nevada City

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