Bob Larive: Football players insult our country |

Bob Larive: Football players insult our country

An open letter to Roger Goodell, NFL Headquarters, New York:

I just saw your NFL player’s pathetic displays during our national anthem at various games today. I have been a loyal fan, but you have lost me.

As a patriotic American and veteran, I will not tolerate the insult to our flag and country by these whiners. If they want to protest, let them but do not let them disgrace all who have served and the great county we live in on the field with their actions in regard to the flag and the national anthem. You know as well as I do they don’t even know what they are upset about.

If NFL management and the owners were patriots and had any morals you would stop this un-American activity, but you are cowards of the worst kind. Additionally, you know damn well our president was right! The problem is yours, not his.

God bless America, but not the NFL and unpatriotic players, etc.

Bob Larive, ex fan

Nevada City

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