Bob Larive: Am I wrong? |

Bob Larive: Am I wrong?

Now let me get this right. The Democrats say we don’t have an emergency at our southern border, just wonderful people invading our country who are better than us and need to be accepted and protected.

These same liberal Democrats have created sanctuary cities and states to welcome and protect them.

Oddly when President Trump offers to send them these very special people to populate their “sanctuaries” they go nuts. Racist or just hypocrites?

Please tell me just where do these special caring liberals want them to go? As they don’t want them in their sanctuary cities and states where do we send them? I guess they need to be sent to all those cities and states that are not sanctuaries. Let these despicable pathetic Americans take care of them. Teach these “despicables” a lesson. Make sure they learn how great these invaders are by forcing them to provide housing, food, education, health care, even if they don’t like or want them. What if they refuse to take care of them or can’t afford to?

Wouldn’t these invaders be better off in sanctuary areas, where they should be wanted and welcomed, or am I wrong?

Bob Larive

Nevada City

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