Boardman needs to be schooled on GMOs |

Boardman needs to be schooled on GMOs

You dare publish a column by George Boardman? I run a Facebook page called “Let’s be GMO free.” I have 423 irate people right now regarding his editorial on “FEED the poor people crap.” Let them eat the GMO’s that are destroying this country and making everyone ill. He feels that only the elite eat non-GMO and organic and pay premium for it.

This is untrue.

We eat even though we may not have enough money for non-GMO foods for many reasons. First, we have plants that are injected with pesticides and other genes that do not belong there. Then we have these plants showered with more pesticides, such as Glyphosates and now the NEW agent orange one that the USDA just approved, causing disease in our children, ruining our soil, our air and our water. This man is a know-it-all nothing who knows NOTHING about what a GMO even is.

You will be hearing from many of us.

A story should be done in your paper telling the truth about GMO’s and Monsanto and how they are killing us and this earth. Disgusted that you would print such garbage and get away with it.

Randi Hofmann

Skokie, Ill.

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