Bill Neville: On the fire chief consolidation |

Bill Neville: On the fire chief consolidation

I am always interested in improvements in fire protection for Grass Valley but it’s not clear to me how the proposed consolidation of fire chief positions in Grass Valley and Nevada City reduces cost, or improves service for Grass Valley.

It appears to me that a Nevada City captain gets promoted to an administration position (division chief) in Grass Valley and a Grass Valley battalion chief (operations) is demoted to captain in Nevada City. This comes across to me as Grass Valley fire department adding an administration position while losing an operational position in order to provide a full-time captain in Nevada City.

I believe the Grass Valley Fire Department is administered very well. I don’t see any evidence of needing additional fire department administration, but I do see a lack of operational staffing.

Is Grass Valley bailing out Nevada City? How is this an advantage for the citizens of Grass Valley?

Wouldn’t it make more sense for the City of Grass Valley to offer a contract for complete fire protection to Nevada City while retaining the same level of fire department administration we currently have? In this way Grass Valley could gain revenue while retaining current administrative costs.

Bill Neville

Grass Valley

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