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Bill Neville: Limit gun ownership to Republicans

After reading Ms. Flores’ column on gun control, I understand your concerns about gun control, especially as it relates to yourself or others using your insightful style of deliberation, e.g. certain political parties and celebrities.

Regarding $3,000 bullets: Had you ever fired your .22 caliber at the range to familiarize yourself with the weapon you could have avoided the hole in your bedroom floor. Of course, if we followed your advice about $3,000 bullets, you (or anyone else) probably wouldn’t have considered such an obvious precaution.

Regarding the era in which the Second Amendment was written: You interpret that to mean that only muskets are covered by the Second Amendment. Women weren’t considered equal enough to vote when the Declaration of Independence was written, so, using your logic, does the statement therein, “All Men Are Created Equal” really refer to women?

Regarding allowing only women to own guns: Were you aware that in the case of at least one of the mass shootings, the insane shooter’s mother purchased the guns for her unbalanced son? How’s that for good judgment?

As far as I can determine, none of the shooters were registered Republicans. Let’s limit gun ownership to Republicans.

Bill Neville

Grass Valley


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