Bill Murdock: Taxation without representation |

Bill Murdock: Taxation without representation

In the 1770s, 13 colonies rebelled against the British Crown, partially due to being taxed without being represented. The rebels won the ensuing conflict and created this great nation, the U.S. of A.

Today, 240 years later, the 1st Assembly District is being taxed without representation. In June of this year our newly elected Assembymember resigned leaving us without representation until December of this year. By December, our unrepresented tax dollars will have funded two additional elections; a special election to give us two candidates for the general election, in which we will finally elect an assemblymember to represent us.

My question is: do I (we) have to pay state taxes for the six months I (we) have been deprived of representation?

Bill Murdock

Penn Valley

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