Bill Heck: Happy birthday, Patty |

Bill Heck: Happy birthday, Patty

My first wife passed away in 1990, and, while our lives have moved on, this year would have been her 63rd birthday.

My children chose to mark it by recalling her words, and I thought I might share them with your readers. With all the forces that seem to be working to divide us, maybe this will give us an idea upon which we can agree.

“Love — such a simple word that means so much. For love is everything. Love is you and me. Love is as infinite as time and space. Our lives are truly fulfilled with it; and, dear God, so barren without it. I carry love within my heart and it guides me very well. For no matter where I go or what I do, love is always there.”

– Patty Heck, 1975

We have read you loud and clear, Patty. Happy birthday (with love!) from Bill and your girls.

Bill Heck

Grass Valley

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