Beverly Loomis: Rodent poison killing more than rats |

Beverly Loomis: Rodent poison killing more than rats

A little fox died today. She died in convulsions in agony on my front lawn. She found something to eat while going across the street to hunt. It was only a little food but she ate it gratefully.

My neighbors had put it out for her or perhaps for some rats that were messing with their marijuana plants.

These growers don’t care who they kill, they don’t care how painful their deaths are. They don’t mind what they kill. We voted for them to grow marijuana in our neighborhoods, in our communities and, while they are at it, to kill our wildlife. Do we have to have this drug? Do our supervisors and other elected officials really think marijuana is going to make us happier?

It’s bad enough when they hurt our children, when they hurt the nature of our neighborhoods, but do they have to kill our animals, do they have to use such a painful poison, do they have to take our land and make it hell for money, did they have to kill this little fox and who is going to feed her babies, how long does it take a young fox to die?

A little fox died this morning. The world cries for her.

Beverly Loomis

Rough and Ready

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