Bettejean Spatafore: Fixing guardrails |

Bettejean Spatafore: Fixing guardrails

The fact is that three years ago in August, a guardrail saved my life.

If it weren’t for the guardrail, I would have flipped the truck I was driving (in Texas) and I would have ended up in a ditch where I could have easily drowned. All while my spouse was out here, getting things in order for us to move and get his folks affairs squared away.

This is why I can not wrap my head around someone seeing a guardrail that has obviously been busted through AND not reporting it to Highway Patrol, along with Caltrans. How does Caltrans just fix said guardrail and not report anything or investigate further?

It doesn’t matter that the woman found was somewhere else from where they thought she was, it could have been anyone, it just happened to be her and if Highway Patrol had been notified sooner maybe her family could have had closure sooner.

Bettejean Spatafore

Nevada City

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