Beth Baker: Retired teachers continue to help |

Beth Baker: Retired teachers continue to help

Thank you so much to California Retired Teachers Association for the generous $100 Teacher Grant. The funds will help with classroom supplies, iPad covers, snacks, and books for my kindergarten and first grade students at Williams Ranch School.

You would be surprised at how many pencils, pieces of card stock, and bags of pretzels are needed to help 21 energetic, spirited five, six, and seven year olds get through a six and a half hour school day!

I also appreciate the support of retired teachers — these helpful folks come into our schools and volunteer their time and talents working with students on a daily basis. They know the struggle that teachers face everyday. I am not only a teacher, but at times must wear the hat of counselor, nurse, advocate, defender, nutritionist, problem solver, listener, and caring adult for my students.

Thank you, CalRTA, for your support of teachers currently serving the many needs of our Nevada County student population. It takes a village, and I am glad CalRTA is part of our village.

Beth Baker

Nevada City

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