Beth Ann Roesler: Shannan Moon for sheriff |

Beth Ann Roesler: Shannan Moon for sheriff

Dear Nevada County,

Please do your homework and get to know intimately where the three candidates for sheriff on Nevada County stand on the issues.

Local elections are where we can make the most difference as voters and enact real change. It is vital to know where they stand and watch out for what they say to woo voters. I want a sheriff who is solid in their platform, who has actual experience in the Sheriff’s Office and who can manage effectively an office with a $35 million budget.

Shannan Moon has actually been with the Sheriff’s Office for 28 years, has successfully worked her way up to be captain of all three of its divisions.

Shannan Moon is an unwavering presence that I know I can trust to do her best to serve the community in the role of Sheriff. If voted into office she will continue to be accountable and reliable to the people of Nevada County.

Please join me in voting for Shannan Moon.

Beth Ann Roesler

Nevada City

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