Belize Project Report |

Belize Project Report

Belize project report

A group of 20 construction volunteers from Grass Valley, Sacramento and Montana spent Thanksgiving, Nov. 23 to Dec. 5, in Belize pouring concrete, metal and electrical work constructing a Bible training center for students from countries in Latin America with agriculture and trades training.

The Family, Health and Education Association is recognized as a Belize and U.S. nonprofit organization. It operates totally with volunteers who pay their own way and work free for two weeks on these trips.

FHEA completed the first high school for the Maya Indians in the country of Belize in 2012 and elementary school in 2008.

We would like to thank the following Grass Valley businesses who have helped FHEA on its Belize projects:

Elliott Logging (Dennis); Les Schwab Tire (Ken); Peter's Well Drilling (Mike); Prosperity Lanes (Art); Tom's Car Care (TJ) and Vulcan Asphalt (Shane).

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Reg King

Family, Health & Education Association project manager

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