Becky Goodwin: Trump not a typical New Yorker — thank goodness |

Becky Goodwin: Trump not a typical New Yorker — thank goodness

In defense of New Yorkers, I must respond to David Briceno’s opinion piece, “Trump’s New York State of Mind,” of Saturday, June 30.

Dear readers, please do not believe that New Yorkers are really as Briceno describes them! Tough, vindictive, sarcastic, reactionary bullies? In my 63 years on the planet, I have met many a human who fits that description, but by no means is this the typical New Yorker! Such people are everywhere, in every walk of life.

I spent eight years visiting New York City, where both of my California kids went to university and one of them stayed after graduation to work, marry and make his life there. One of the reasons? He loves the diverse, interesting people in NYC! The vast majority are like people anywhere: honest, hard-working, kind, and thoughtful.

Many a New Yorker engaged me in pleasant conversation in museums, shops and parks, guided me when I was lost, or set me straight when I was confused on the subway. I was never yelled at, ever!

Trump is not a typical New Yorker. Thank goodness!

Becky Goodwin, who lives in Grass Valley, is a member of The Union Editorial Board. Her opinions are her own do not necessarily reflect those of the Editorial Board or its members. She can be reached at

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