Becky Goodwin: Christianity on both sides of the aisle |

Becky Goodwin: Christianity on both sides of the aisle

I was so pleased to read the Other Voices column, “Don’t Call me ‘anti-Christian,’” by Nancy Eubanks on May 5.

Thanks so much, Nancy, for saying something that many Christians feel today! Many of us feel maligned and dismissed by the voices of the religious “right wing.”

I don’t know Nancy, but I sure resonate with her expression of a Christian viewpoint that looks to the teachings and actions of Jesus on social issues. Christianity is not only about personal piety and morality, and certainly not all about “rugged individualism.” Christianity, and all the great religions I have studied, are also about social justice movement.

I am a Christian who passionately believes in both personal spiritual growth and social transformation. Nancy’s voice is like mine, and there are many like us.

Becky Goodwin, who lives in Grass Valley, is a member of The Union Editorial Board. Her opinions are her own do not necessarily reflect those of the Editorial Board or its members. She can be reached at

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