Barbara Roemer: Straw Bale Home Tour a success |

Barbara Roemer: Straw Bale Home Tour a success

Many people came together for the California Straw Building Association’s Sierra Straw Bale Home Tour this past Saturday.

Locals and folks as far flung as Lodi, Fresno and Los Angeles trekked through five permitted straw bale homes and one hempcrete home. You asked many questions and were so appreciative that having 119 of you on the tour was a pleasure for each of us as homeowners! We hope you learned about the ease of permitting alternative buildings in Placer and Nevada counties, about their extreme fire resistance, seismic stability, and the desirability of building with a waste product which also sequesters carbon. Most of you already knew of the beauty and tranquility of these homes, and now we can grin together at the absurdity of any of them being blown down!

Kudos to Lorraine Jewett of The Union, and Alan Stahler of KVMR for great interviews and promotion. David Arkin of Arkin/Tilt Architects in Berkeley and Jim Seely, local contractor, also leavened the interviews. We are grateful for the presence of each of you.

Barbara Roemer

Nevada City

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