Barbara Rivenes: Cell towers near neighbors not OK |

Barbara Rivenes: Cell towers near neighbors not OK

“No man is an island,” in the famous words of John Donne, yet one individual in a neighborhood of smaller lots and homes is choosing to act like an island.

She has agreed to a significant financial award from AT&T to allow a cell tower to be placed on a far corner of her property (10 acres), but adjacent to many other smaller properties. These owners spoke beseechingly to the Zoning Administrator last Wednesday and were rebuffed.

According to federal and county zoning laws, putting a potential health hazard and real estate value killing cell tower is not cause to even try to remedy the unhappy situation. Two other cell towers were also approved with no objection as they were located in an area of 40 acre properties and long distances from homeowners.

The Union Editorial Board seems to agree that homeowners should just roll over and take whatever is foisted upon them. Does the public agree?

Barbara Rivenes

Grass Valley

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