Barbara Larsen: Foster the most qualified |

Barbara Larsen: Foster the most qualified

In the upcoming election for Nevada County sheriff, there is only one candidate with extensive experience in the field of law enforcement.

Shannan Moon and Bill Smethers may be decent at their respective job, but only John Foster has the administrative experience to bring the Sheriff’s Office through its present crisis. John has 35 years of experience in law enforcement, and has implemented several innovative policies and procedures in his previous positions with the Palo Alto and Grass Valley police departments. More importantly, John has a systemized plan to implement training and mentorship programs into the sheriff’s department, and is dedicated to providing accountability that is obviously needed.

Please, read the respective qualifications for the candidates for sheriff, and decide for yourself.

Shannan Moon and Bill Smethers are not unworthy people, and will benefit by having a person of John Foster’s caliber at the helm. And, neither of them has the level of practical experience, as well as the administrative experience, that John will bring to this position.

Barbara Larsen

Nevada City

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