Art Krugler: Start the day at your choice |

Art Krugler: Start the day at your choice

Government — read politicians and lawyers — can fix any problem, including sunshine, with a new law.

And of course, enforcement.

Our construction workers avoid the “dark evening” problem by starting work earlier — their choice.

No special airline or railroad or bus schedule changes twice a year.

No need to reset watches when crossing a state line or border.

At 12 noon, the sun in each time zone is nearly overhead.

As president of an engineering company I offered a very popular “approved flex time” program.

Start the day at your choice, if it worked for you and the company.

Work four 10-hour days each week and have three days off (choose Monday or Friday off).

This “problem” and all the confusion can be solved rather easily and effectively.

Art Krugler

Grass Valley

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