Anthony Rabak: Uganda project gets a boost |

Anthony Rabak: Uganda project gets a boost

I want to thank The Union for graciously featuring my personal humanitarian project on to provide beds for 600 students who sleep on the floor at a specific school/orphanage in Uganda.

Cory Fisher, thank you for writing a wonderful article that turned my excited, enthusiastic ramblings into a coherent and inspiring article and to the editor for giving it an unexpected, prominent placement in the May 23 edition. Thank you to readers who have responded and generously given so far to the cause — there is still quite a way to go but things are progressing as more people learn of my campaign. Please help me spread the word and increase awareness of my endeavor to “help-get-kids-off-the-floor.” We can make a difference and I hope my effort will inspire others to be aware of needs all around us. I became aware of one abroad in a Third World country, involving innocent children. Yours may be just around the corner. We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Look outward, whatever the need, even if you can only give a little. If we all do, we’ll help a lot.

Anthony Rabak

Grass Valley

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