Anne Merdinger: In fact, the problem is guns |

Anne Merdinger: In fact, the problem is guns

In reference to Lee Blakemore’s letter “Our problem is not guns,” I have read this opinion paragraph multiple times on social media, and just like the inane “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people,” every time it shows up again, I cringe.

This explanation for the U.S. national tragedy of mass shootings clearly appeals to those who love their guns and God, but it is not supported by the evidence.

In our country, there are more guns than people, more than twice the number of guns per capita than Yemen, the runner-up According to Gallop, 69% of Americans identify religion as being very important in their lives, more than 44 other nations. I think it is safe to say that in those 44 other countries, there are “hearts without God, homes without discipline, schools without prayers and courtrooms without justice.”

Why aren’t they experiencing the same level of mass shootings as we are?

I support the Second Amendment and don’t believe in taking everyone’s guns away. However, at some point common sense needs to outweigh the hysteria of “They’re coming for our guns!” and allow for reasonable checks and controls. For example, there is no rational excuse for military grade weapons to be in the hands of civilians.

In any case, the evidence supports the conclusion that to a large extent, the problem is guns.

Anne Merdinger

Nevada City

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