Anita DuPratt: ‘Contaminated’ recycling |

Anita DuPratt: ‘Contaminated’ recycling

I read with interest the article about Waste Management wanting to fine people for “contaminating” their recycling with non-recyclable materials.

Waste Management claims they only accept recyclables numbered 1 and 2; they want to fine people for including items with other numbers. However Waste Management has not informed their customers that those items are no longer recyclable with them. The literature that they send out each year clearly states that they accept “empty plastic bottles and containers.”

Recycling is imperative for protecting the environment. We are a community that prides itself in working towards a better environment. If customers are including non-recyclable materials (e.g. diapers, as stated in the article), then this issue needs to be addressed.

But do not punish people for doing what we have been educated to do for years, and what is good for the environment.

Anita DuPratt

Grass Valley

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