Angie Lux: More critical thinking needed |

Angie Lux: More critical thinking needed

After reading so many comments, letters to the editor, Other Voices columns and columnists, I’m beginning to think that too many submitters think that “critical thinking” is to be negative. One case in point is Marc Cuniberti’s column regarding Commissioner Lara’s appearance in Nevada County.

His main point seemed to be that Commissioner Lara is no defense against the huge insurance conglomerates, like he is David against their Goliaths. I don’t think that the insurance commissioner job is to do battle with the insurance companies. His job is to make sure the insurance companies are following the laws of California and to make sure the legislature has the information to make the laws that protect the citizens of California.

I learned a lot at the presentation. There are many complicated issues concerning the urban wildfire interface area we are living in. The insurance companies did not create climate change and are trying to cope with this new situation just like we citizens are. Everyone seems to want to live in a capitalistic society so the insurance companies are just being Capitalist, like it or not. We need critical thinking to solve our sophisticated problems.

Angie Lux

Chicago Park

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