Angie Lux: Making evacuation routes safe |

Angie Lux: Making evacuation routes safe

It is obvious from the letters and columns on the editorial pages of the concern about Grass Valley/Nevada City becoming the next Paradise.

I’m pleased that my neighbors and myself have done a lot of work this spring clearing vegetation on our properties and along the Old Coach Way Roads. Let’s pray it is enough.

We have followed guidelines from the Fire Safe Council Nevada County, as well as our local Chicago Park Fire Department concerning vegetation clearances along our only evacuation route along Old Coach Way roads.

I just wish some agency were prescribing vegetation clearance guidelines along the main highways that we must use to evacuate after we leave our private roads (e.g. California Highway 174 is not cleared of ladder fuels even 15 feet on each side of the road and in places the trees are not limbed up 15 feet — probably should be more).

What if there are hundreds of cars trying to evacuate on these roads and the fire catches up to the road? It would be a major disaster.

The pictures of the Paradise road with burned out cars are an ample warning.

Angie Lux

Chicago Park

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