An open letter to survivors of Hurricane Sandy |

An open letter to survivors of Hurricane Sandy

An open letter to survivors of Hurricane Sandy

My heart goes out to those of you who are enduring the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. You are going through the worst thing imaginable: Dealing with the power company. We here in Nevada County deal with it every winter and know from experience that trying to get results or even information out of the bloated, heartless, behemoth known as Pacific Gas and Electric Company, is the most frustrating and angering thing we have to do. I’m guessing that you on the east coast get a similar answer when you call your “Power Outage Hotline,” and the computerized personality answers the phone: “We are aware of the outage in your area. All available personnel are working to fix the problem. We estimate power will be restored at XX o’clock or (and I love this part) we will have another update for you at that time.” Of course, they never get the power on when they say they will and you have to listen to another update and the promise of another update.

They never tell you what caused the outage or where it occurred or if they’ve restored any power anywhere or, for that matter, give out any information about anything. Except, just before a big storm, they’re all over the news trimming trees; something they should have been doing all summer.

Pacific Gas and Electric is a “public utility” and correct me if I’m wrong, but regardless of how they do their business, the state guarantees them a certain profit percentage. Any time they fall short of that percentage, the state kicks in with dollars … your dollars … the taxpayers. All the while, their CEO, Anthony Earley, ekes out a living on his meager $2.8 million salary.

To those of you in the east still waiting for power and who’ve had to put up with a lame power company: stay strong, you’re not alone; we feel your pain.

John Palmer

Nevada City

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