An open letter to Sheriff Keith Royal |

An open letter to Sheriff Keith Royal

I would like to let you know of the amazing efforts made by Officer Damian Norden. We discovered one of our mountain bikes was stolen out of our garage sometime over the weekend. I called your office to provide the information in case the bike was ever found.

To my surprise, dispatch directed me to Officer Norden. I went to meet the officer at the property building — he advised that in his scope of investigating another crime, he saw my bike and immediately knew it did not belong to the alleged suspects. So when they did not say who owned the bike, Officer Norden took it from them; hence I was reunited with my bike on Sunday.

I am so impressed that the officer was that vigilant and proactive. He definitely embodies the best of police work. I hope he will be recognized for his work as well as his professionalism and respect of the citizens of our county.


Sandra Boyd

Grass Valley

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